How to rescue an IT project? The basics of responsible project takeover

It is quite possible that many software development projects hit roadblocks. There could be reasons for this. As end customers we are often in a fix. We try to engage in a blame game with the software vendor or vendors. However, rather than engaging in fire-fighting, it would be better to look for some ways and means by which we can rescue an IT project that is being dogged by delays and other types of uncertainties.

We will discover about the various things that we should do to ensure to prevent delays as far as software development is concerned. We will also look at various aspects that ultimately lead to IT project management certification.

Identify The Reasons For Failure

Identifying the reasons for failure and delays is the first step towards correcting the problem. There are many reasons for software projects going awry and here are a few of them.

The schedule may not be adhered to. Software projects fail because of lack of a well-thought out schedule and deadlines. Delays are inevitable even with the best of human resources, tools and infrastructure unless there is a fool-proof schedule. Overshooting of budget: many software projects get stuck because of cost overruns. While having a budget is desirable, it does not make much sense to get stuck with the budget even at the cost of jeopardizing the whole project. There should be a mix of financial prudence and pragmatism in such cases. There is nothing wrong in overshooting the budget if the project stays on course. Regular changing of the scope of the project. While some minor changes to scope are acceptable, major changes often come as a roadblock and should be avoided.

How Can A Jinxed IT Project Be Rescued

Patience is the name of the game for any software project. It has to be borne in mind that IT project management certification does not come easy and there are quite a few things that must be taken into account. Software development is full of complexities and the meeting of minds of many stakeholders is important. When different stakeholders pull in different directions, the project could get stuck. In such cases, these few things that could help to bring the project back on track.

The first and foremost task is to sit down and identify the reasons as to why the project has got stuck. The above three reasons are just a few examples and therefore all the stakeholders must sit with an open mind and find out how far the software project has progressed and where has it failed.

While some bit of speeding of the processes might be possible, there are certain things in a software project that have their own gestation period. The same processes and procedures should not be short circuited under any circumstances.

Some Basics About Software Project Takeover

Handing over a completed IT project is highly critical, complex and involves a number of processes. Here are a few important points that needs to be taken into account

Analysis of source code: A cursory look at the source code of any software project should be able to give answers to the basic questions. Hence, this should be the first step of software project takeover.Assurance of code quality: An initial analysis of the code equality should help in understanding the overall quality of work. Documentation: The documentation is vital because it will help the end users to understand the project from bottom up.Testing results: This is important and forms one of the vital aspects of any IT project handover. Support services: The software developer should clearly lay down the support protocols and the right escalation procedures should be in place.


In a nutshell, a well laid out road map with clearly laid down milestones will avoid hiccups and will also assist smooth project takeover.